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Diamond Village - A Sustainable Amphibious Village - A concept to adapt from flooding
Architectural Design and Architecture for Humanity © 2014 Juan Castanos

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I am currently working in the Amphibious Investigation Center, 
 is inspired by a fascinating creature of the sea, the sting ray part of the eco-system on the ocean. Using nature as a mimicry architecture for developing  a sustainable facility  for a research center to investigate new  amphibious technology in benefit of humanity. 

Actualmente me encuentro trabajando en un Centro de Investigación Anfibio, está inspirado en una fascinante criatura del mar, la mantarraya parte del eco-sistema del océano. Usando la naturaleza como arquitectura mimética para desarrollar un edificio sustentable para un centro de investigaciones para investigar nuevas tecnologías anfibias en beneficio de la humanidad.  

The self-sustaining Amphibious House

Juan Castanos
, based in the United States is working on a project to alleviate recurring flooding problems in the world and has come up with the brilliant idea of a unique amphibious house design.  He is launching  a campaign to raise funds in the coming days. This innovative and sustainable home makes use of cutting edge technologies. The eco -friendly and stylish residence boasts a large number of energy-saving systems and accessories. The innovative design allows the building to remain comfortable inside with ventilation and zero carbon emissions.

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What is the Amphibious U.S.A. Project?

It is a project of  restructuring the existing urban development  of the cities in the United States of America. By designing a new Urban Amphibious Architecture development connecting together the existing cities  and the new amphibious cities so they can coexist during flood season and  in turn will help to safe lives and prevent large losses as well as boost the economy of the U.S.A, which would be a positive response to climate change and future floods.

This project is based on 4 main elements which consist of the development of a:

1.- Master Plan of Sustainable Amphibious Urban Development

2.- Research Center for Development of Sustainable Amphibious Technology

3.-Interactive Water Museum

4.- Finance Center for the Development for the U.S.A. Amphibious Project

Activities  /  Actividades

The encounter of  two visionaries,
working for a better planet. Jacque Fresco industrial designer, futurist and social engineer inventor and pioneer in human factors engineering author of the Venus Project designing the future with Juan Castanos author of the Tabasco Amphibious Project, developing projects to adapt to climate change and architecture for humanity.

El encuentro de dos visionarios, trabajando para un mundo mejor. Jacque Fresco diseñador industrial, futurista y social inventor ingeniero y pionero en la ingeniería de los factores humanos autor del Proyecto Venus diseñar el futuro con Juan Castaños autor del proyecto Tabasco Anfibio el desarrollo de proyectos de adaptación al cambio climático y la arquitectura para la humanidad.
The future of humanity depends on the adaptations of humans to the constant Climate Changes. To achieve this goals the society must be integrated to give solutions for the generations to come.

Juan Castanos.

 El futuro de la humanidad, dependera de la adaptacion de los seres humanos a los constantes Cambios Climaticos. Para conseguir este objetivo la sociedad se debera integrar para darle soluciones a las generaciones por venir. 

Juan Castanos.

Latest Articles in Amphibious Architecture
Articulos Recientes en Arquitectura Anfibia

Mr. Alberto Fierro Garza Honorable Consul of Mexico in Orlando Florida and architect Juan Castanos Vice President of  Amphibious Foundation Attend as a guest at the celebrations of the national holiday commemorating Mexico's independence, within the diplomatic premises of the Consulate of Mexico in Orlando Florida U.S.A.

Lic. Alberto Fierro Garza Honorable Consul de Mexico en orlando Florida junto al Arq. Juan Castanos Vice Presidente de Fundacion Anfibia A.C. Asiste como Invitado en las celebraciones de las fiestas patiras conmemorando la independencia de Mexico, dentro de las instalaciones diplomaticas del consulado de Mexico en la ciuaad de Orlando Florida U.S.A.

In Memory of my Father

A great Man left to go into the Kingdom of Heaven to be eternally happy and in peace with God. Civil Engineer and Master in Hydraulics Mr. Juan Castanos. I am going to miss you and keep you forever in my heart.
Rest in Peace 1941-2012 

En memoria a mi Padre

Un gran hombre se fue para ir al Reino de los Cielos eternamente  feliz y en paz con Dios. Ingeniero Civil y Master en Hidráulica Sr. Juan Castaños. Padre mio te voy a extrañar y te guardare por siempre en mi corazón.
Descanse en Paz 1941-2012

Architect Elizabeth Plater Zyberk and Architect Juan Castanos at the seminar of Urbanism "Designing for the Future". Arch. Elizabeth Plater is the Dean of the School of Architecture at University of  Miami.  
event hostess by the American Institute of Architecture Orlando Florida, University of Miami and University of Central Florida.

Arquitecta Elizabeth Plater Zyberk  y Arquitecto Juan Castaños en el seminario de Urbanismo "Diseño para el futuro". Arch. Elizabeth Plater es la Decano de la Facultad de Arquitectura de la Universidad de Miami.
Evento presentado por el Instituto Americano de Arquitectura de Orlando Florida, Universidad de Miami y la Universidad de la Florida Central.
Architect Robert Koch, with over 45 years experience in the field or Architecture, member of the board of the American Institute of Architecture AIA and CEO of the prestigious architectural  Fugleberg Koch Inc. and Architect Juan Castanos reviewing strategies in how to invest in the United States especially for the existing oportunities available for Latin America.

Arquitecto Robert Koch, con más de 45 años de experiencia en el campo de la Arquitectura, Miembro de la junta directiva del Instituto Americano de Arquitectura AIA y Presidente de la prestigiosa firma de arquitectura Fugleberg Koch Inc.Con el Arquitecto Juan Castaños revisando las estrategias en cómo invertir en los Estados Unidos especialmente las oportunidades existentes disponibles para América Latina.